Simple Sips to a Balanced Lifestyle : Gem Natural Alkaline Water Key to Improved Health | GEM Spring Water
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Simple Sips to a Balanced Lifestyle : Gem Natural Alkaline Water Key to Improved Health

Alkaline water is on trend in South Florida, but do you now why it is? In a region, where our seasons are at best bi-annual and the heat — like our busy lifestyles— never seems to let up, balance can appear an unrealistic goal. But balance, especially when it comes to our health is too important not to achieve. Bottled at the source in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Gem Spring Water is the first naturally alkaline water to satisfy that request.

What we eat on a daily basis, foods such as sugar, food additives, meat, rancid oils, trans fats, and fried food, cause our natural pH levels to fall and our body to become more acidic. In small amounts, these foods can be handled by the body’s detoxification systems; however, large
amounts can cause pain, excess weight gain, weakened ability to fight disease, and many other health hazards.

Excessive amounts of acid deplete oxygen, which is needed by every cell in our body to function properly. If not eliminated or alkalized, a low pH level can damage cell structures. Gem’s natural alkaline water is a solution. Gem restores minerals in the body that are needed to combat the catastrophic effects of acidity. A body with balanced pH levels leads a better life. Benefits include an improved immune system, help achieving or maintaining a healthy weight and better sleep.

Scientifically proven ways to achieve optimal health and to increase your energy and vitality include:

1. Eliminating refined sugars and processed foods
2. Eating a plant based diet
3. Getting active
4. Using natural bath and body products
5. Drinking natural alkaline water, such as Gem

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