Gem Water | Naturally Alkaline Bottled Water
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‘Art’ can simply be defined as any form of expression portrayed that is of more than ordinary significance. Our everyday lives are greatly impacted by the existence of art.


The word ‘GEM’ encompasses all aspects of the art of the product; in its gem-like appearance and in its natural origin and worth.


Bottle design – the unique design emulates the defined shape and cut of the world’s most precious gem, the diamond; as light is majestically reflected within a diamond, so it is within this GEM.


Flower – the ginger lily is the most prominent of the flower species surrounding the unscathed environment which houses the spring as they grow best near pure and natural water sources.


Abstract – this story tells of the origin of GEM through the entire course which nature takes it along. This piece of art shows the water beginning as rainfall from the sky which falls onto the mountain peak. This is then naturally filtered and enriched by the mineral-rich strata, afterwards being carefully preserved in a natural aquifer.


Why is a GEM precious? Our GEM is separated by its uniqueness in package, taste and quality, having a myriad of natural minerals to attribute to healthy body.

Naturally Alkaline – better absorption of minerals into the body.

Natural Electrolytes – allows cells to generate energy.

A host of natural minerals – attributing to a healthier body.

The process starts at the peak of the mountain range located in the north-eastern part of the island, where insurmountable rainfall nurtures this preserved and untouched environment. This water cascades downhill, negotiating its way through the earth, being naturally filtered by mineral-rich rocks, creating the perfect natural mineral composition for the body. Afterwards, the enriched water flows into a natural underground water basin called an aquifer where it is preserved until it naturally rises to form the spring.


The island of Xaymaca, now known as Jamaica, was home to its indigenous people who inhabited the island in approximately 700 to 800AD. The Arawaks, as these people were called, named the island Xaymaca meaning ‘land of wood and water’.


Jamaica is best known for its beaches and vast mountain ranges as well as having some of the best natural sources of potable water in the World. The prestigious mountains, located in the north-eastern region of the island, is the home of Xaymaca’s GEM and finest natural resource due to the quality of its unique, mineral-rich outer layer composition.