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5 Surprising Reasons Why Water Is So Important For You

We have all heard that water is important for our well-being, but how many of us have truly taken the time to find out exactly why this is? Let's face it, we drink it out of habit, when we remember or when we feel thirsty. Most of us are walking around more or less dehydrated without even realizing it. Anything from our mood and energy, headache control, body temperature or bowel movements are significantly influenced by our daily water intake. Without a doubt, water is involved in the majority of body functions, and its lack can significantly influence the way we feel and act. Here are a few of the most surprising benefits of drinking water that might convince you to start paying more attention to it.

#1: Water Maximizes Your Physical Performancewater

Water is critical for enhancing physical performance, stamina and endurance during workouts. A person who is training for a marathon or an athlete who is working out hard a few times a week will perspire anywhere between 6 to 10 percent of their body weight during training. Being dehydrated while working out also means you will feel weaker, less powerful and unable to endure your regular high-intensity circuits.

Summer workouts at the park, jogging or running a few miles can also prove to be a total failure if athletes do not hydrate properly. Hyperthermia, dizziness and low blood pressure are just a few of the effects of working it without the necessary water intake.

#2: Water Keeps Your Gums Healthy

Water promotes the creation of saliva, which contains mucus, various enzymes and electrolytes that are essential for the effective breakdown of foods while eating, as well as for keeping your mouth healthy. Your gums, teeth and tongue will be a lot healthier as a result of a larger production of saliva thanks to a regular intake of fluids. Natural aging processes and certain prescription drugs will decrease your production of saliva, and hydrating the right way should help you prevent these issues from getting worse over time.

#3: Water Maintains Your Body Temperature

Sweating intensely during and after a workout will cause you to lose a lot of water especially during the summer or when inside a heated gym/room. You need your sweat to keep your body cool and keep the electrolytes and plasma in normal parameters. A sodium, magnesium or calcium imbalance as a result of intensive post-workout sweats will lead to a lot of automatic processes failing to work inside the body. Think in terms of nerves and muscles and their important functions for our well-being and good health. Make sure you always drink plenty of water to effectively replenish the amount lost.

Water is also an excellent lubricant for the spinal cord, tissues and joints, simplifying your workouts and leading to less muscle and joint pain.

#4: Water Improves Digestion

Digestive issues are often times associated with depression, and experts at the Mayo Clinic even claim that drinking water prior and during your meals can help your body digest food a lot easier. The more water we drink, the better your digestion and the fewer stomach problems you should be dealing with.

#5: Water Keeps You More Alert

As a working parent or a professional gambler, your state of mind, mood and energy levels are crucial for your success. A well-hydrated body engages your metabolism and boosts your energy. Half a litre of water is enough to boost the rate of our metabolism by as much as 30%, according to the Water-Induced Thermogenesis study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Water gives us energy and improves cognitive functions, improving your short-term memory and focus. If you like to compare various casinos for Australian players on platforms like Australia-casino.org, and you spend hours in a row playing poker, blackjack craps or slots, staying hydrated will help you improve your gameplay, concentration, ability to make better decisions and use smarter strategies. Not drinking enough water will cause you to feel overly-tired, anxious or confused – undesirable traits when looking to score a big progressive jackpot or win a pot at the poker tournament table.

Finally, the more water you drink, the more collagen your body will start producing. If you want to have beautiful, shiny, healthy-looking skin, collagen is critical. Prolonged exposure to the sun and natural aging are responsible for decreased levels of collagen.

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