Discover A Gem: Naturally Alkaline Lifestyle Brand | GEM Spring Water
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Discover A Gem: Naturally Alkaline Lifestyle Brand

In an very competitive bottled water market, the spotlight shines on Gem Spring Water. A naturally alkaline water, Gem has cultivated a brand recognized not only for its incredible health benefits, but also for its commitment to excellence. Bottled at the source from a pristine aquifer in the renowned Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Gem’s natural alkalinity and blend of natural minerals form a health optimal water. Unmatched in taste, Gem consumers are also provided a luxury lifestyle that is complementary and in tune to that of the water’s Florida marketplace.

Retailers throughout the state agree. From as far South as Key West to as North as the Panhandle, a total of 600 retailers throughout the state proudly display and promote Gem in their stores. Consumers in highly concentrated geographic locations such as the Tri-County area of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, as well Southwestern Florida including cities from Sarasota through Tampa—are enjoying the Gem lifestyle in multiple retail locations and specialty gourmet stores including: Richard’s Foodporium, Rollin’ Oats Market & Cafe, Lucky’s Market, Bulk Nation Grocery, and more. Current retail bottle sizes include 500ml and 1L bottles. The company plans to develop 330ml and 1.5L sizes by Quarter 2 2017.

The brand’s commitment is focused on its core ‘health lifestyle’ demographic, and as such retailers are carefully selected to deliver Gem to consumers. In today’s fast paced world, the dedicated Gem retail team realizes that it is increasingly difficult for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is why Gem caters towards distributing to convenience stores, as well. Convenience locations include gas stations, pharmacies, and drugstores where Gem is offered as a healthy lifestyle
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Gem is the first and only natural alkaline spring water from the exotic Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The Blue Mountain’s mark is one of premium connotation based on the nationwide distribution of its coffee and the fact that it is sold at gourmet retailers across the United States. The mountains are also one of the world’s finest natural resources due to the quality of their unique, mineral-rich outer layer composition. These superior attributes give way to what is known as the Art of Gem, a perfect balance of health and lifestyle PT Unified Trade review.

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